Teeth Whitening in Norwalk

Teeth Whitening in Norwalk

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that aims at improving your tooth’s appearance by restoring its enamel to its natural color: white. We here at Dental Care of Norwalk, use a system that is much stronger than the at-home kits you can get at the store. With a blend of specialty light and heat we can speed up and intensify the whitening process with dramatic results. Teeth can generally get anywhere from three to eight shades brighter, and is quick and easy. Teeth whitening can make you feel more confident about your smile, helping you to show the world your smile more often.

Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening that is performed in our office is far more powerful and effective than what you will typically find at drug stores or in the local grocery store. The problem with bleaching pens, gels, strips, and mouthwashes are that they take awhile before you begin to see results – if you even see results.

Teeth whitening performed in our dentist’s office is guaranteed to whiten your teeth by at least a few shades. Depending on how severely discolored your teeth are will determine how many appointments you will need until your teeth are completely whitened.

Common Causes of Discoloration

There are many sources of teeth discoloration, and it is important to understand that these can dramatically change the color of your teeth. Some of the most common reasons why teeth become discolored over time are:

  • Drinking coffee daily
  • Drinking too much soda
  • Drinking dark wines
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Eating too many dark berries
  • Drinking too much tea
  • Tobacco use (or smoking in general)

Teeth whitening attempts to correct stains and damage that have accumulated over time from consumption of specific foods and drinks. By monitoring how much of these dark foods and drinks you have, and maintaining proper dental hygiene, your teeth will remain whiter and brighter.

Difference Between Whitening and Bleaching

Teeth bleaching is very similar to teeth whitening, but they are not the same according to the FDA. Whitening seeks to restore teeth to their original color, while bleaching seeks to restore teeth beyond its original color. Both procedures will lead to similar results, however. Bleaching is preferred in severe cases of tooth discoloration. If you have any questions regarding in-office teeth whitening, then please call our office at 562-863-5701.