Laser Assisted Gum Infection Therapy in Norwalk

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What is Laser Assisted Gum Infection Therapy?

Laser-assisted gum infection therapy is designed to help eradicate gum disease. When you have gingivitis and gum disease, the gum tissue around the teeth begin to pull away, causing pockets to form between the gums and the tooth. Bacteria can get into these pockets, causing an infection and affecting the health of your mouth. Laser-assisted therapy uses a high powered, yet gentle laser that clears away diseased and infected gum tissue.

Why would you need Laser Assisted Gum Infection Therapy?

You may need this treatment if you have gum disease. The therapy is designed to eradicate only diseased tissue, so healthy gum is left intact and is able to heal correctly against the tooth. Many dental professionals are using this therapy to help their patients put an end to periodontal disease. The laser is highly effective in getting rid of infected gum tissue.

What makes you a candidate for Laser Assisted Gum Infection Therapy?

To be considered for this therapy, you should have some form of periodontal disease. The laser only works on infected gum tissue, so it will not have an impact on healthy gums in the area. The laser is precisely placed deep into the gingival pockets, where it will clear away infected tissue. You can benefit from a healthier and more vibrant smile.

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What can you expect with Laser Assisted Gum Infection Therapy?

First, you’ll come in and be seated to begin treatment. A high-frequency laser is used to go into the gingival pockets around the affected teeth. The laser clears away infected gum tissue and leaves behind only healthy tissue. This allows the gums to heal naturally and close up against the tooth, getting rid of this gingival pocket. Laser therapy is incredibly effective, but you have to make sure to improve your at-home dental hygiene habits in order to prevent gum disease from coming back. We can give you advice on how to properly care for your teeth and gums after laser-assisted gum infection therapy.

If you’re interested in laser-assisted gum infection therapy, call our office and we will help in getting you in for an appointment.