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Periodontitis Is The Enemy Of Teeth!

Periodontal disease is the scourge of modern dentistry. That’s why it is so important to have a dentist checkup at least twice a year. Only 30 percent of the population has never experienced gum disease or tooth mobility. Most people suffering from this disease do not even suspect it. Periodontal disease is the scourge of modern dentistry. Therefore, it is so important to conduct examinations at the dentist at least twice a year.

The appearance of periodontitis

To fight the disease, you should study it- most do not even know what periodontitis is. This is a disease of the tissues that hold the tooth. It is not difficult to determine the first signs of periodontitis:

  • Gums bleed and become inflamed
  • The appearance of odor from the mouth
  • The occurrence of pain during chewing
  • Teeth begin to stagger
  • The distance between the teeth increases
  • The roots of the teeth are exposed

If you notice at least one of these signs, you should immediately contact your dentist. In the early stages, this disease is well treated, allowing you to stabilize the health of the cavity and prevent the progression of the disease.

Why does periodontitis appear?

The causes of the disease can be very different. Many factors affect the health of the posterior tissues. The main reasons are:

Bone tissue is depleted.  This can be caused by the environment, lifestyle, and features of the menu (plenty of liquid food);

Lack of vitamins. There are special vitamin complexes for teeth, but the most indispensable is vitamin c, its lack leads to the appearance of the disease;


Poorly installed seal. Crowns and fillings placed incorrectly above the tooth can cause the formation of destructive bacteria;

Crooked teeth. An incorrect bite leads to microtrauma of the oral cavity, which causes inflammation;

Poor hygiene. An improperly selected toothbrush can injure your gums.

In addition, the occurrence and development of periodontitis can be affected by a predisposition or disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Action plan

Treatment of gums and periodontal tissues begins with hygiene procedures. First, a periodontist uses an ultrasound device to remove hard dental deposits. The second stage is the appointment of therapeutic procedures aimed at relieving inflammation of the mucosa and reduce the sensitivity of enamel. In cases of tooth mobility, temporary or permanent splinting is used. For example, the Glasspan system reliably fixes teeth and preserves the aesthetics of a smile. In addition, when splinting materials are used that contribute to the regeneration of bone tissue.

As a rule, periodontal diseases identified in the early stages are stopped by timely professional cleaning and polishing of teeth. However, in the case of the spread of the disease, which led to the loss of soft and bone tissues of the oral cavity, the periodontist will advise a surgical treatment method.

During the operation, a bone substitute is implanted into the patient, which compensates for the lost, thereby strengthening the tooth, which extends its service life for many years. The surgical method of periodontal treatment requires great professionalism. Therefore, the choice of a doctor should be thoughtful and thorough.

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